Find Out Everything You Ever Need to Know About Singapore Savings Bonds


If you are looking for the investments that are safe and flexible, you can invest in Singapore savings bonds (SSBs) and enjoy returns that increase with time and redeem in any month without penalty. The Singapore government fully supports this initiative. They are secure in the sense that you will always receive your investment amount back in full, with no capital loss.

SSBs can be held for a period of up to ten years, with interest compounding over time. The longer you save, the bigger will be your return on these Singapore-government-backed securities (SGS). Such investments provide the option to exit your investment at any time with no penalty. There is no need to settle on a certain investing period when starting the investments.

Singapore Savings Bonds are a form of a security sold by the Singapore Government. Individual investors should consider these securities backed by the Singapore government. Singapore savings bonds provide better returns than any other investment choice. It can be used in place of fixed deposits. Bonds are one of the most sought-after investments, for they come with greater interest rates and additionally, you have the assurance of getting your money back. 

Since bonds are essentially public loans the government and other qualifying financial institutions obtain, you may redeem your bonds and get your money back on maturity. Being tradable government debt securities, SGS Bonds help you earn fixed interest regularly, say every six months.

Moreover, these bonds can help diversify your investment portfolio, have a constant income until the maturity of the bonds, and invest in a secure and long-term investment.

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Some Distinctive Features of Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs)

There are a few things you should know before investing in SSBs. It will help you know more about savings bonds and will allow you to clear up any doubts you may have regarding savings bonds in general.

  • Period of Investment

The term “independent” refers to a person who does not work for the government. In other words, bonds are debts that the government obtains from the general public and must repay within a predetermined period. Generally, the investment duration is 10 years, during which the money invested is reimbursed. Repayment is also known as redemption when it comes to bonds.

  • Don’t lose the money invested 

Bonds, as previously stated, can be redeemed beyond the maturity period. As a result, you can collect your investment money with no losses. The interest rates are set depending on the SGS yields that are in effect at the time. Therefore, the risk of suffering losses is extremely minimal.

  • Versatile redemption

Although the maximum time for investing in SSB is ten years, you can still redeem your bond within a month. The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of electronic goods. However, you need to bear in mind that the longer you invest, the higher your interest yields will be. To optimize your returns, it is best to retain your investment for a longer length of time.

  • SSBs are non-tradable government securities

One of the most popular misunderstandings about Singapore savings bonds is that they are traded assets. Investments that are exchanged in the secondary market are known as traded investments (stock exchange). However, SSBs may only be acquired directly from the primary market where they are initially issued. This implies that you cannot swap these bonds for money with anybody else. You can only renounce your bond by redeeming it.

  • Make use of your Supplemental Retirement Savings Accounts
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You can invest your SRS profits in SSBs to increase your earnings. Singapore Government Securities have permitted the use of SRS funds to purchase SSBs. SRS is a voluntary retirement system that allows you to save for retirement and invest your money. If you are an SRS depositor, there is an excellent chance to make income by investing your SRS funds in Singapore savings bonds.

SSBs are a terrific way to generate money while keeping your money secure. Until when you redeem your bond, you will get your yield every six months. Moreover, you do not have to invest thousands of dollars together. The lowest amount you need to invest is 500$ and can rise by a multiple of 500. Singapore Savings Bonds provide excellent prospects for investors to invest their hard-earned money and earn an income.


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