Franklin County VA GIS-Some Facts To know

Franklin County VA GIS

Franklin County VA GIS-Any system using people, technology, and paper documents to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present data linked to location. It’s also for geographic Data systems (GIS).

The drawing in building footprints for all buildings having or needing an E911 address began in

2004/2005 using the 2002 Virginia Ortho Photos from VGIN. Once 2006 Virginia Ortho Photos were received after processing from VGIN. The areas that had not yet been completed using the 2002 photos were completed using 2006 Virginia Ortho Photos. While these were ongoing and since they were completed, all new buildings are drawn using GPS points. And thus taken on the front left and right corners of the new building footers once the building inspections department inspects them.

And assigned an address using the GPS point taken at the access point. The Franklin County Building Inspection Department uses Trimble GeoXT units with Sub-meter Accuracy. And therefore, the points were different using Trimble Pathfinder Office software. If footers points missed or unusable, the new building footprint was in from the driveway of the new structure employing a field laptop. And car-mounted GPS Unit. Once all the building footprints had been completed, the method of matching the E911 addresses to the building polygons started. And remains within the process.

What does GIS mean of Franklin County VA gis?

It is a synonym for Geographic Information Systems. The name implies a mixture of computerized components to create, maintain, store, and analyze spatial data. At its most complexes, a GIS is an enterprise solution that serves members of the whole organization. And underlies tons of what we do to function. A GIS enterprise includes desktop software, server integrations, mobile solutions, output devices. And a holistic software suite that ties it all at once. During this capacity, GIS may be an extensive system that serves a good array of clients and users.

What services does the Franklin County VA GIS Office provide?

A: The Franklin County VA GIS Office manages the county’s core catalog of spatial data. GIS staff uses these data for analysis to support decision-making within the county. GIS staff also produces maps, online viewers, and other tools that put the facility of GIS into the hands of County staff and, therefore, the public. Two very public services provided by the GIS Office include the assignment of the latest addresses within the county. And therefore, the maintenance of the County parcel data

Why is my information wrong on Google Earth/Google Map/MapQuest/Apple Maps (Maps), and May you fix it?

Unfortunately, the short answer is, “No,” we will not fix it. The rationale is within the problem itself. These large third-party data companies don’t seem to worry the maximum amount about local details, especially in additional rural areas. We’ve had direct conversations with most of them, and that they all say an equivalent thing; “We’ll get to it once we get to it.” However, that’s not a satisfying answer. We’ve even offering them copies of our local data, but they’re not interested. Our recommendation is to use local data sources and native GIS resources whenever possible. The info you will find in them is more authoritative, current, and maintained by folks who live here. The opposite apps are handy, but you ought to always take them with a grain of salt.

What does the term “spatial data” mean for Franklin County VA GIS?

The term “spatial data” refers to any data tied to location or space. That will range from straightforward property boundary data and aerial imagery to even more complex analysis results supported criteria leveraged by the user. Most of the info that the Franklin County VA GIS Office creates maintains, and houses are spatial. And maybe in contact with each other to supply insights and predictive modeling around the county.

How accurate are your parcel data of Franklin County VA GIS?

Every effort is to make sure that the parcel data are as accurate as possible. But there are two essential things to recollect-1) the parcel shapes are never for use for love or money but reference and general locational information. And 2) the county’s parcel data aren’t now, nor could they ever be, survey-grade, So please use the parcel data for reference only. That said, the critical estate information related to the parcels is additionally at a high level. Therefore the attribute data relates to County parcels may generally considered accurate and authoritative. One caveat to it is that the method of transferring a purchase can take a touch time. Hence there’ll be a time where the recent parcel will still reflect the name of its former owner before it updates.

How can we contact Franklin County VA GIS?

The GIS Office is often by phone (540-483-3012) or by email We also are located within the Franklin County Government Center at 1255 Franklin Rd within the Community Development Department (Suite 103). Appointments are preferable, but if the staffs are in, they’re available to supply walk-in assistance.

What reference does one use for your Franklin County VA GIS data?

The default frame of reference used for the County’s GIS data is Virginia State Plane, South, NAD ’83

Why can we need a Franklin County VA GIS Office?

Well, no, everything has not been mapped. Hence the vast amounts of data that are mapped must be maintained and updated. Thus, the GIS Office may do less and less original data collection, leveraging those data for studying. And maintaining them as information changes are critical. A GIS Office provides many things beyond up-to-date maps, however. The GIS Office also provides a standard operational picture for emergency events, a clear illustration of complex issues. Like planning, zoning, and other land issues. The GIS Office also provides the tools that the general public can utilize to access vast amounts of knowledge, conveniently and online.

Can’t they use Google Maps or another system for Franklin County VA GIS?

While Google Maps provides tons of excellent information, it also provides some wrong information. Google doesn’t have a frequent update schedule for local information as our County GIS Office does. So while there are tons to be said for Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, they will never replace the eye to local detail that the County GIS Office provides. On top of that, the county GIS Office provides online GIS viewers with tools, data layers. And capabilities that none of the third-party providers include in their solutions.

However, the most crucial difference is within the backend software. The county GIS Office employs to try to the type of labor required by the publicly available online tools. Esri GIS software is a compelling set of professional solutions. And much more so than these more straightforward third-party viewers were ever intended to be. So while Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps, and therefore the rest are great tools. And tons of fun to play with, they’re not professional GIS solutions.

Is Franklin County VA GIS a group of tools or a profession?

This question is at the guts of a debate that has raged on for years. The most straightforward answer, however, is that GIS is often either. It is often a group of tools, and it is often a profession. GIS may be a fantastic tool that many of us in other professions use with great success. Foresters, Planners, Engineers, Landscape Architects. May alright use GIS to great success while never seeing it as their profession. On the other hand, some have studied mapping, cartography, geodesy, photogrammetry.

And other subjects who now leverage all that training with the set of tools that GIS provides. In many cases, these same pros establish and maintain the GIS enterprise for his or her employer. Still, others may bring GIS to other professions to help them in what they are doing on a consultation basis. They are available alongside material experts to help them leverage GIS for their own specific needs. The GIS pros in these cases don’t become Lawyers, enforcement Officers, Fire/EMS Officials, or any of the opposite professionals above. They’re GIS professionals who have the power to figure with material experts during a wide variety of uses of geospatial technologies. So in these ways, GIS is both a toolset and a profession.

Does one charge For Franklin County VA GIS data and GIS services?

There’s currently no charge for GIS data. In most cases, however, you’ll be to the GIS data download portion of this website for self-service data retrieval. Franklin County VA GIS staffing is a limiting way to undertake projects for personal clients. While we will assist the general public with basic questions and queries, there’s not enough staff bandwidth. To require individual projects for personal companies or individuals as a general rule.

Can you provide me agency’s data?

Franklin County GIS prefers not to re-distribute other agency’s data. The county makes every effort to supply access to other agency’s data download pages. And GIS staff contact information to find those external data sources as quickly as possible.

What GIS software does one use?

Franklin County uses Esri (Environmental Science Research Institute) GIS software and solutions. We also use EagleView’s Pictometry solutions and online resources for oblique (and some ortho) aerial imagery. Further, the county uses Adobe Creative Cloud products for ancillary GIS functions. And Esri plug-ins to expand Microsoft Office functionality by integrating dynamic mapping content into those solutions

Are you able to identify people together with your aerial photography in Franklin County VA GIS?

No, not with the aerial photography that Franklin County VA GIS uses. The county typically uses, at best, six-inch aerial imagery, and that’s grossly insufficient for face recognition. So while you would possibly be ready to tell people in an aerial image, you’d not be ready to identify them from our imagery.

I’ve seen aerial imagery, video, and pictures enhanced by computers on TV crime shows. Can the Franklin County VA GIS Office do that?

What’s often depicted on TV and within the movies may be a stretch of the facts. Shocking, we know. The truth is that if the detail and, therefore, the data of a topic aren’t collected originally, meaning captured when the image or video was taken – then there are no thanks to teasing it out simply re-sampling the image. What’s sometimes depicted within the movies and on TV are ultra-high-resolution images collected at a high resolution. On the other hand, downgraded for display at coarser scales to save lots of computer processing speed. Because the computer zooms in on the topic, the extra data collected originally are brought out. And therefore, the resolution of the image does improve. But again, Franklin County doesn’t have aerial imagery thereupon level of spatial resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Franklin County VA GIS

Is my Business personal property assessing?

The payer provides the initial damage of each item .because of the year within which the items were purchased. Exploitation this info, the Tax office applies depreciation schedules that square measure created obtainable by the North Carolina Department of Revenue to each item.

What do I do if my business has closed?

If the business closed otherwise, you oversubscribed it, you’ll fax or mail a letter distinctive the business and providing the date that it had been closed or oversubscribed. If the business were oversubscribed, we’d additionally want contact info for the customer. Additionally, there’s a neighborhood to notice this on the listing form, which is shipping out every Jan.

However, could I file for an associate extension for listing?

If you’d wish to request an associate extension for listing, you would like to request the extension in writing by Jan thirty first for that year. We’ll need a cause for the extension request, likewise as distinctive info for the business within the letter of request. You’ll receive prompt notification after approving the extension.


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