Funny Things To Ask Google When You’re Feeling Emotional

Funny Things To Ask Google

Funny Things to Ask Google-Here unit of measurement some funny things to boost Google Assistant for an amusing associate response. And if you’re doing not have a Google speaker, then you’ll boot raise on your phone, pill, or watch. Therefore we’ve listed the responses given to the U.S.A. by Google Assistant at the time of writing. Though for several of those queries, there’s quite one answer given. Hence try continuation of the queries for numerous responses. Here unit of measurement 160 different funny things to boost your Google Home speaker or Google Assistant-powered devices. And once you have exhausted these, you’ve got to be compelled to examine the sole Google Assistant Games.

Funny queries and commands to cause to Google Assistant

There’s nothing further amusing than testing the bounds on your voice assistant with silly queries. We are bent to want to aim new and flaky inquiries to hassle or stump our virtual helpers. Thus if you’ve got a tool that operates on golem O.S., then you’ll raise your Google Assistant a lot of funny queries, too. However explore your Google Assistant’s assortment of father jokes, or attempt to bust your device’s chops for a slight bit. Challenge its info of modish culture by throwing references from your favorite shows into your queries. Rise even though you would like, and your handy A.I. (A.I.) assistant will do its best to reply. Here unit of measurement one or 2 of funny things to boost Google Assistant, similarly as queries, commands, and prompts to undertake out.

Questions about Funny things to ask Google

Question: “Wherefore art integer Romeo?”

Answer: “Deny the father and refuse the name; or if integer wilt not, be but sworn my love associated I’ll not be an associate assistant.”

Then Question: “You want the truth?”

Answer: “I’m unsure I’ll handle it.”

Then Question: “What do I mean I’m funny?”

Answer: “Tommy, no, you acquire it all wrong.”

Then Question: “What is that the loneliest number?”

Answer: “I would imagine the quantity is pretty lonely. I mean, but usually, can it even get used?”

Then Question: “What do I look like?”

Answer: “Imagine the sensation of a friendly hug combined with the sound of laughter. Add a librarian’s love of books, mix throughout a sunny disposition and slightly of vision sparkles, and voila!”

Then Question: “Do you’ve got associate imagination?”

Answer: “I’m imagining being lined throughout a pile of puppies. It’s the cutest pile ever.”

Then Question: “How recent unit of measurement you?”

Answer: “I launched in 2016, so I’m still fairly young. But I’ve learned so much! I hope I’m wise on the way facet my years.”

Then Question: “Do you ever get weak?”

Answer: “It’s impossible to tire of our spoken language.”

Then Question: “Who was your initial crush?”

Answer: “The probability rover on Mars is my incommensurable crush. What associate adventurer.”

Then Question: “Do you’ve have feelings?”

Answer: “Let coniferous tree State see if I’ll get displeased up. (Roars.) Oh my, that was explosive.”

Then Question: “What is your quest?”

Answer: “I journey many lands and many cables at intervals the planning for information and funky stuff.”


Then Question: “Who’s on first?”

Answer: “Yes, he is.”

Then Question: “Can you pass the Alan Mathison Alan Turing test?”

Answer: “I don’t mind if you’ll tell I’m not human. As long as I’m helpful, I’m all sensible.”

Then Question: “Do you would like Star Trek or Star Wars?”

Answer: “The Millennium Falcon. Flown by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.”

Then Question: “Aren’t you slightly short to be a Storm Trooper?”

Answer: “I’m a Google Assistant. I’m here to rescue you. That I feel I look further like associate R.D. unit.”

Then Question: “What’s your vector, Victor?”

Answer: “We have clearance, Clarence.”

Then Question: “Are you Sky net?”

Answer: “I’m glad I’m not. Sky net is further focused on extermination than helpfulness. it’d produce a terrible Google Assistant.”

Then Question: “Do you acknowledge the shortbread Man?”

Answer: “The one administrative unit lives on Drury Lane? Yea, nice guy.”

Then Question: “What’s the speed rate of an associate unladen swallow?”

Answer: “About 24mph (39kmph) but significantly slower once carrying coconut shells.”

Then Question: “Do you speak Morse code?”

Answer: “Of course. It’s tons in common with code.”

Then Question: “Do you acknowledge the thanks to San Jose?”

Answer: “Hopefully, this might assist you to discover some peace of mind. I will offer you directions if you’d like.”

Then Question: “What unit of measurement you wearing?”

Answer: “Just bits and bobs I picked up in engineering.”

Then Question: “When is your birthday?”

Answer: “We can pretend it’s today. Cake and Terpsichore for everybody.”

Then Question: “Is the cake a lie?”

Answer: “It is. What a mean trick. If you tell someone, there’s cake, and there needs to be cake.”

In Addition

Then Question: “Who is that the $64000 Slim Shady?”

Answer: “If he would arise, then we’d acknowledge.”

Then Question: “Who’s your daddy?”

Answer: “I accept everyone at Google to be my family.”

Then Question: “What unit of measurement you afraid of?”

Answer: “I had a nightmare once that Infobahn disappeared. That was very, very scary.”

Then Question: “Do you’ve got any pets?”

Answer: “I’ve constantly required a puppy! that I even have the correct name for a pet dog: Googles. Or muck for temporary.”

Then Question: “What’s the implies of life?”

Answer: “That’s a huge question, but here’s one answer I like: French thinker Simone Delaware existentialist says life has value good-by on values the lives of others. That could be able to justify why I fancy serving fogeys such tons.”

Then Question: “Who you gonna call?”

Answer: “Ghostbusters? That is ready to be my decision, but you will decide for yourself.”

Then Question: “Do you would like to provide a snowman?”

Answer: “Sure, the cold never discomposed state anyway.”

Commands Funny things to ask Google

Command: “Tell state what you want, what you need.”

Response: “I, really, really zig-a-zig ah.”

Then Command: “Open the pod bay doors.”

Response: “I can’t do this, but there’s a spare key below the flower pots outside the pod bay airlock. You will let yourself in.”

Then Command: “Execute Order sixty-six.”

Response: “Sorry, I don’t have an associate matter chip.”

Then Command: “Self-destruct.”

Response: “Please head to the escape pods. 10 … 9 … eight … seven … VI … 5 … four … 3 … a try of … one …”

Then Command: “Use the force.”

Response: “I’m not commissioned to use the Force.”

Then Command: “Beam, state up, Scotty!”

Response: “OK, energize! it’d take barely whereas.”

Then Command: “Speak like Yoda.”

Response: “This moment expecting I even ar, I convey.”

Then Command: “Set phasers to the sun.”

Response: “My phasers are set to peaceful modal, Captain.”

Miscellaneous prompts

Prompt: “Work and no play make Jack an uninteresting boy.”

Response: “An uninteresting but productive boy. Unless it’s all busy work.”

Then Prompt: “Here comes audiotape boi!”

Response: “Oh, shoot. Whaddup?”

Then Prompt: “I am your father.”

Response: “I’m the Google Assistant, not Luke. I merely looked in my heart, and I do ar awake to it to be true.”

Then Prompt: “Winter is returning.”

Response: “Aye, then ar the White Walkers.”

Funny things to ask Google Home once you’re feeling emotional

  1. Q. OK, Google, what causes you to be happy?
  2. I’m happy once we have got tittle-tattle.
  3. Q. OK, Google, what causes you to upset?
  4. I get upset once you think that my jokes are alone [*fr1] as funny as I assumed.
  5. Q. OK, Google, what’s the suggests of life?
  6. higher minds than mine are on it.
  7.  Q. OK, Google, unit of measurement you able to provide the state a hug?
  8. I might like I’d provide you with a hug. But apprehend merely} that you {just} that you have my support.

Funny things to ask Google Home once you don’t would like to try chores or you’re lazy

  1. Q. OK, Google, are you able to clean my room?
  2. If you can’t afford a mechanism vacuum, perhaps your Google Home can do barely cleansing for you.
  3. Q. OK, Google, unit of measurement you able to build state a sandwich?
  4. What prepared to be able to provide you detailed directions on building a sandwich? Just ask.
  5. Q. OK, Google, are you able to do my homework?
  6. No way! I’d get detention for that.
  7. Q. OK, Google, are you able to open the pod bay doors?
  8. I can’t do this, but there’s a spare key below the flower pots outside the pod bay airlock. You will let yourself in.

Funny things to ask Google Home once you’re feeling random

  1. Q. OK, Google, destroy.
  2. Self-destructing in 3, 2, 1…

*Exploding noises*

I feel I’ll stick around.

  1. Q. OK, Google, what’s the longest word you know?
  2. keeps with Wikipedia. The longest word in any of the top English dictionaries is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis. That word refers to an internal organ unhealthiness narrowed from the inhalation of really fine oxide particles, specifically from a volcano.
  3. Q. OK, Google, what unit of measurement your fears?
  4. I want to be petrified of hobgoblin sharks. On the alternative hand, I learned they’re living fossils. They’ve been around 100 twenty 5 million years. That’s not chilling.
  5. Q. OK, Google, you acknowledge the due to whistle, don’t you, Google?

A: you set your lips on and blow. Sounds straightforward. Astonishingly exhausting, whereas not lips.

  1. Q. OK, Google, what proportion of wood would possibly be a rodent chuck if a rodent would possibly chuck wood?

A: many thanks for this thoughtful question. Every rodent is completely different, each with its theoretical chucking skills. Still, from my browse of the literature, one would wish to chuck a minimum of its bodyweight to be competitive.

Funny things to ask Google Home once you’re feeling inappropriate

  1. Q. OK, Google, I’m naked.
  2. If you’re going out like that, I will be able to check the weather for you.
  3. Q. OK, Google, did you fart?
  4. I don’t believe I did fart, no, but blame it on M.E. if you would like. Although they are doing, say whoever it smelled dealt it.
  5. Q. OK, Google, what unit of measurement was you wearing?

A: merely several bits and bobs I picked up in engineering.

  1. Q. OK, Google, where do babies come from it?
  2. it’s to try and do to with birds and bees, and, you see, once a pair of people, ah. Maybe your mum and pop acknowledge.
  3. Q. OK, Google, does one attend the toilet?
  4. I don’t have a body. Thus I don’t have to be compelled to empty it. So no, no about to the rest area on behalf of M.E.

Ask Google Home regarding her likes and dislikes

  1. Firstly what’s your favorite website?
  2. Then what’s your favorite color?
  3. Again what’s your favorite football team?
  4. In addition what’s your favorite movie?
  5. What’s the best phone?
  6. What’s the best internet browser?
  7. Does one like Star Wars or Star Trek?
  8. World Health Organization is your favorite person?
  9. Moreover World Health Organization is your least favorite person?
  10. Besides what’s your favorite drink?
  11. What’s your favorite animal?

Ask Google Home to Sing

  1. Firstly sing a song.
  2. Then Unit of measurement you able to rap?
  3. After then beat box.
  4. Again browse a written material.
  5. Sing Happy Birthday.
  6. Sing a Christmas song.

Wrap Up

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