How can college essays make you a better person?


Almost every student hates writing essays, even though it is part of their academic routine. They don’t treat this homework with due care, often buy ready-made essays from services like WriteMyEssayOnline, and don’t think about the consequences. Essay writing is a crucial stage in forming a personality and developing those skills and abilities that will be useful in life for everyone. Let’s figure out how an essay helps you develop your skills, not just demonstrate acquired knowledge.

Benefits of writing essays

Many people think that doing written assignments is not fun. Some are even convinced that it is a waste of time. What benefit can a student get from transferring their thoughts to paper? At first glance, it seems that there is none. However, if you look more closely, this assignment’s benefits are numerous. It is no coincidence that teachers use it so often.

First of all, the essay develops critical thinking. The student learns to analyze facts, objectively evaluate their significance and reliability, and draw logical conclusions based on the available information. One of the purposes of this assignment is to express a point of view, supporting it with evidence: quotes, statistical data, etc. In other words, students must be able to articulate their opinion about a given topic correctly. This skill will be useful outside the university as well.

It may seem possible to check the acquired knowledge using other ways. But the development of writing skills plays no small role in the professional development of students. It does not matter in what department they study. After all, presenting your point of view in a structured and logical manner is a skill that always comes in handy everywhere. In addition, essay writing helps develop creative skills. You still need to follow a clear structure and plan, but there is also room for imagination. This motivates students to find unconventional solutions, which will also be useful in life.

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An essay reflects your personal view of the world even if you gain it only through intensive reading and processing of other people’s thoughts. With an essay, you learn to associate facts and statements from different sources, build an argument, and make your knowledge clearer and more systematic. 

How can essay writing skills help you in life?

  • We live in a world of continuous communication, the mastering of which is impossible without writing skills. Therefore, to avoid getting lost in today’s global space, it is necessary to master its tools. Even a blog on the Internet written in a bad language is of no interest to anyone.
  • A well-written text characterizes a person as cultural, literate, civilized, and pleasant to deal with. If you want other people to understand you and take you seriously, you have to learn to speak correctly and write.
  • In the age of electronic correspondence, nobody canceled well-written letters and messages if they are addressed to business partners, people who are not friends or relatives, or those who are older in age or position. However, even a good acquaintance will be pleased to read a normal text and not get a set of letters and emojis on the phone.
  • You have to conduct business correspondence or write official texts at any work. The competence of a person who is not able to formulate a task, a request, an appeal, write a statement, or make a report, may be questioned. And this, in turn, threatens a bad reputation, ruined career, and firing.
  • And finally, the ability to write is many’s main or additional income source. There is a list of well-paid professions where the main requirement is the ability to compose texts. These are copywriters, speechwriters, authors of posts for social networks, texts for websites, commercials, representative products, journalists, writers, literary, theater, or music critics.


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