How Physical Therapist in Fayetteville NC Are Helping Patients Manage Aggressive Neck Pain


Physical therapy is utilized when the body needs attention, but a different kind of attention than drugs or surgery. Rather, it is the treatment of a disease, injury or deformity by physical methods, such as massage, exercise or heat treatment. When it comes to back pain, for instance, before a more aggressive treatment would be considered, patients are usually referred to physical therapists as an initial treatment option. The aim of a physical therapy clinic is to reduce the pain, restore function and educate patients on how to prevent the back pain from returning. 

Increasing Neck Flexibility and Strengthening Muscle

There are so many causes for neck pain, from cervical radiculopathy to whiplash to repetitive movement to poor posture. Symptoms of a neck problem with pain include numbness and tingling down the arm, arm weakness, sharp pain, neck stiffness and headaches. Research states that total symptom resolution from seeing a physical therapist is not only possible, but can have the same or better outcomes than surgery. 

When seeking physical therapy for neck motion and flexibility, there are several types of treatment. While other professionals might encourage vertebrae manipulation or steroids, a physical therapist will focus on reducing the cause of soreness by increasing the range of motion in the neck, shoulders and upper back. This creates more mobility to take pressure off of the nerves. The therapist will also aim to restore muscle balance through exercise to prevent the pain from returning. 

Finding the Best Fit for You

Experience is something to look for in a physical therapist. You don’t just want somebody who is great at manipulating with their hands, but you also want them to be able to recognize, evaluate and use their experience to provide compelling medical insights to your issues. 

You’ll want to look for somebody that has both good reviews and relevant experience dealing with the part of your body that you’re experiencing pain in. A common theme among the best-reviewed therapists is that they are good listeners and are empathetic to your needs, as they relate to your immediate pains and beyond. A good physical therapist will collaborate with you to establish an individualized plan of care that fits into your lifestyle.

Utilizing Technology

Today’s clinics often employ rehabilitation robotics to help patients with their recoveries. They help to ensure that exercises are being accomplished faithfully and can record and store data that can be analyzed for improved treatment. They often help to support the patient’s body weight so that patients can participate for longer periods without tiring.

According to experts in the medical field, there are upwards of 39,000 physical therapy clinics in the continental United States and these clinics perform about 300 million therapy sessions each year. That indicates that there are an awful lot of bodies out there that have soreness and pain. Whether Fayetteville physical therapists or those out in California, their aim is the same: to get patients the medical attention that will help them feel better. Visit a physical therapy clinic today to get treatment for your aches and pains and have a refreshed body tomorrow.


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