How to improve your hiring process

improve hiring process

Your company needs a fantastic team to help it grow and flourish. However, finding your team members can be a challenge, and the hiring process can often feel endless. Let’s see how to improve your hiring process.

Job adverts receive thousands of applications these days, and most include nearly identical CVs and qualifications. Most have a university degree and a few internships detailed on their application. It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the stand-out candidates in a sea of impressive applications.

Here are a few ways you can improve your hiring process.

Write thorough job descriptions 

Sites like Indeed and Target Jobs tend to favour job adverts with well-written descriptions and requirements. Applicants want to know what their daily schedule will look like, where the office is based and much more. Potential applicants also want to get a feel for the company to make their applications stand out. Include as much detail as possible so you can attract the best people. A more detailed job advert can also stop people from applying who don’t have the right experience for the role. 

Improve your interviews

The interview process should involve getting to know the candidate through peer interviews. Peer interview questions are vital when exploring personality, working style, and whether they would fit into your existing team. The interview should be more about the person than the qualifications and experience written on their CV.

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Embrace digital trends

Automation systems can save you a lot of time. Use HR management software to simplify your administrative tasks and streamline your hiring process. You can use social media to post job ads and attract candidates who might not actively look for a role. It’s best to use multiple platforms so you can find candidates from all corners of the industry. 

Involve more people in the hiring process

Your team will probably spend more time with the new hire than you will. Your current team members should have input on the hiring process. They will be working with the new team member and training them. Ask your team what they value in their co-workers and how they would change the hiring process. You might be surprised by their insight and helpful suggestions. 

When you get your hiring process right, you can access some of the best talents around. A hiring process needs to be efficient, effective, and appropriate for your industry. For example, a social media job advert might not be suitable if you are looking for an older candidate who probably doesn’t scroll Instagram for hours on end. A well-designed hiring process can save you money, time, and resources in the long run. 

You can reduce your staff turnover and spend less money training new hires every other month. 

Revamp your hiring process so you can find the best person for the role.


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