How to Make Up for Beginners – Step by Step Guide

How to make up for beginners

A groomed face always gives a complete feeling. And to get that flawless touch make up is the ultimate thing to do with. It is certainly one of the biggest beauty inventions that intends to conceal and rectify facial mistakes at once. Each of the makeup strokes right from lip lining, contouring to eye lining definitely adds clarity to the face. It even makes the face look symmetrical as a whole. Makeup has the capability to make you look attractive in front of others. For those who are still unknown to this eye-catching world of make-up for them, we have few hacks that will guide you with a detailed guideline on how to make up for beginners.

What is the various importance of doing makeup?

In this segment, we will elaborately discuss the benefits of doing makeup.

Adds confidence

Putting the right makeup in the right way adds confidence to your personality. On the whole, it makes you look composed and reflects a positive attitude as well. Certainly, makeup makes you feel like you are ready to face the challenges with super enthusiasm.

Protection to the epidermal layer of the skin

As you know that pollution and rays of the sun seem to destroy the top layer of the skin. Too much exposure to these may even affect the skin from deep within. In that case, if you add proper layers of makeup starting from priming to concealing definitely you can protect the skin from dust and dirt.

Attractiveness to the features

A defined face with pinpointed features no doubt makes a woman look more attractive. To get such completeness in the look a woman should embrace the magic of the makeup. Like adding blush on the face adds a vibrant perky glow. Indeed that makes the cheek look prominent and in symmetry.

Look picture-perfect

All faces are not photogenic and for those who want that perfect diva-like touch on photos have to rely on the strokes of makeup. In that case, they have to make sure that makeup should be done with a no-makeup concept and particularly focused on highlighting the major features on the face. Additionally offering an overall touch upon the face will definitely make the face camera-friendly.

Have clear complexion

If you take two pictures that before the application of makeup and post makeup, then you can clearly differentiate between the two pictures easily. Precisely pre make up your complexion did not look flawless because it has marks and those get popped up easily on the face. But once you apply makeup you can see the difference very minutely. It is because, with the addition of the makeup, your face looked too dazzling and fresh. Now note that there are different types of makeup like dewy makeup, which is much in vogue these days are the favorite of the youngsters. Overall, your skin portrays a very healthy look.

Makes you look young

Well, girls literally don’t like to open up about their true age. However, the addition of the golden glow and shimmery touch upon your eyelids can really make you look much younger than your original age. In addition to that, it also helps to hide the fine lines, pigmentation marks, aging spots from the face.

Offers to cleanse of the face

Well once you apply to makeup you need to follow certain rules when it comes to putting off the makeup. Ensure that every time when you do makeup you just clean it off minutely before getting to bed. For that, you should always resort to the best quality of the cleanser. Now this cleansing offers lots of benefits to the skin. Precisely it keeps off the dirt from the face, cleans the pores and adds suppleness to the face as well.

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Stay unique from the others

You know that self-care is very important because unless you follow that you won’t be able to distinguish yourself from others. No doubt make up is the best way to highlight the uniqueness you have. So makeup can make your stay distinguished from others in the lot.

Hence these are some of the talked about the benefits that you can expect to get from Makeup.

How to apply makeup for beginners

If you are among those who have never touched a makeup previously then indeed the makeup procedures might seem a bit intriguing. But before plunging to applying the make up you will have to know the exact usage of tools as well. But here we will show you step by step process so that you can clear the doubt of how to make up for beginners.

You have to follow the below mentioned three steps positively so that you can achieve that desired and clean face for the makeup to give that flawless effect on the skin.

Step 1: Cleanse the face

Well in order to start the make up the first step would be to clean the face deeply. Make sure that you take a clean canvass for the painting. Cleansing will say bye to the left dirt residue, excess sebum so that when going on with the make up the face won’t look like too cakey. Now talking about the cleanser which type to use, you can use the one formulated with mild components. It can be anything from the foam-based to the oil-based ones. Just take a few small amounts and rub it gentle on the face.

Step2: Exfoliate the face

Once you are done with the cleansing step, next you concentrate on exfoliating as well. Now, this step is important, as it will give a clear base for the makeup to sit well on the skin. The best thing is that take mild scrubber and rubs it gently on the skin with wet hands. Naturally, when you will do the makeup you can spot the difference yourself only.

Step 3: Moisturise the face

If you are a beginner then you should know that you couldn’t directly start with the makeup unless you apply a proper base. Now talking about the base you have to assure that the face is well moisturized and the texture is smooth simultaneously. In this case, you will have to resort to the moisturizer designed according to your skin type. Like different skin recipients whether its oily, sensitive, normal, combination they should add their skin-specific moisturizer on the face. You should look for moisturizers consisting of hyaluronic acid as well as aloe vera. It is because both of these items offer a long time hydration to the skin.

Step 4: Start with priming the face

Priming up the face is one of the significant steps that you should follow while doing the makeup. Now priming helps to hide those fine lines on the forehead. On the whole, the main job of a primer is to improve the makeup -appearance and enhance the lasting time of the makeup. For using the primer on the face just take a drop on the finger and dab it softly on the face. Make sure that you cover the entire face at once. The best thing is that no matter whether you are in the sun or in a too crowded place the primer will keep the sweat under control.

In addition to that primer applies a smooth field for the makeup to go on. Note that the people with oily skin should choose the primer with a matte base while the dry skin recipients should go for the glossy textured ones.

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Step 5: Color correct the flaws

eyeliners the skin tone is not even for many. But you can easily use the color corrector to get rid of the flaws. In that case, you can use the color concealers like the orange, bisque, peach as they are masters in concealing the dark circles, redness of the skin, skin discoloration. To get the best result just take the color corrector on the finger and dab it on the flawed areas on the face.

Step 6: Adding concealer to the face

If there are some other blemishes on the skin or freckles then you can hide that with the concealer. Note that the concealer is almost the same as that of the foundation, but the only point is that concealer as a substance is thicker compared to the foundation. But you should be very particular with the concealer shade you are buying because anyhow it should blend well and adjust according to your skin type. Now you can either apply the concealer with the hand else you can use the applicator for the same. Above all ensure that you blend the concealer finely on the skin.

Step 7: Apply foundation on the face

A foundation is also a must among all the in the list and this is a very important step for how to make up for beginners. Choose the one according to the skin type. For example, if you have the oily skin then looks for the no- shiny ones. In the case of dry skins, you should add the one with radiant finishes. Now talking about how to apply you can either use the beauty blender to blend it. Else, you can use a brush but at the very early stage brush might not look much comfortable.

Step 8: Add the highlighter/blusher

Finally, you can add the highlighter, bronzer, blush to make your face get that sun-kissed look. You should highlight particularly the nose, forehead, chin, and the cheek.

Step 9: Contour the face

Contouring the face is another step while doing this you can add more definition to the face. Just concentrate on the forehead, jawlines, nose to make it more definitive. Note that if you have a wider forehead then it will make it look smaller. On the other hand, you can add more length to the nose as well in case if it is shorter.

Step 10: Applying the eye makeup

In order to start the eye make up the beginners should apply the eye primer primarily. It gives protection from the oils and allows the eye shadow to rest there for long. The next step for how to make up for beginners are that starts with the eye shadow. To apply that you should follow by dusting colors on the eyelids focus on the crease and under the brow bone. Finally, touch up with the eyeliner. You can either use the gel-based ones, the liquid formulated eyeliners or waterproof pencil liners. You can also focus on the lining the waterline which is also known as the tightening.

Note once you are done with the routine you have to move on for applying the mascara. Best would be that if you resort to the volume-based mascara.

Step 11: Lip makes up

In order to do the lip make up first, you should start with lining the lip. This will give a fuller appearance to the pout especially those with think lips. Once done, fill in with the desired lipstick color. You can either use the matt ones, shimmery or shiny ones.

Step12: Use the compact powder

If you are done with every step, just touch with a compact powder. For that, also you can look for the convenient shade according to your skin color.

Step 13: Set the make up

Finally, you have reached the threshold of the makeup. Just use the makeup spray to set the makeup. You can use the spray bottle and apply it from a distance say 8 to 19 inches. This is also one of the important steps included in how to make up for beginners.

Step14: Removing the makeup

Never ever, get to the bed with the make up there on the face. Just cleanse it otherwise, it will clod the pores and can lead to pimples or breakouts.

That’s it – the beginners make up routine is done!

Final say on the makeup

Well, so far we have discussed in detail the steps regarding how to make up for beginners. Unambiguously the steps are easy to follow and once you read each of them you can understand that beginners can easily do at home without any professional help. For further information, you can also go through visual tutorials as well to have clarity on the strokes as well.


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