Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings


Celebrities often enjoy great wealth and fame, and it’s when celebrities get married that the most expensive and sought-after diamonds are brought out. While wedding rings can be quite opulent and unique, engagement rings are what dazzle most of all, catching the eyes of the public and sparking conversation.

Below are seven famous celebrity engagement rings that certainly got people talking, and while some are still being sported today, others are sadly just a memory. We’re sure you’re curious to know who’s modeled the most expensive engagement rings, so let’s begin!

Mariah Carey

The engagement ring Mariah Carey got from Australian billionaire James Packer is by far the most expensive ring on this list. And even after they broke up, Carey would still wear this ring for over a year. In 2018, she sold it to a Los Angeles jeweler for just over $2 million.

Paris Hilton

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton became engaged to Chris Zylka in January 2018, after the actor got down on one knee and proposed with a 20-carat diamond worth about $2 million. Before this, Paris was engaged to Paris Latsis in 2005, but after the engagement broke off, she auctioned the 24-carat ring he gave to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.


When billionaire hip-hop icon Jay-Z proposed to Beyoncé in 2008, everyone knew that the Brooklyn native would put a big, flashy, and expensive rock on Queen Bey’s finger—and that’s precisely what happened! Worth just over $5 million at the time, it’s now over $6 million and still worn frequently by the singer.

Vanessa Bryant

Late basketball star Kobe Bryant proposed to his soon-to-be wife Vanessa with an engagement ring estimated to be worth close to $4 million. Since his tragic death in January 2020, the ring’s value has increased by nearly 50%, but we’re sure Vanessa would never put a price on such a treasured gift.


When football player Russell Wilson proposed to Ciara in March of 2016, he did so with a massive diamond engagement ring thought to be worth between $2 and $2.5 million. Wilson’s ring was about 4 to 5 times the value of the engagement ring Ciara got from a prior engagement to rapper Future.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s engagement to Kanye West certainly got a lot of buzz, mainly because Ye rolled out the red carpet at his stadium proposal in 2013. The 15-carat engagement ring cost about $4 million, but unfortunately, it was one of the high-value items stolen in the infamous Paris robbery Kardashian was subjected to in 2016.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s engagement ring from her engagement to Aristotle Onassis was worth $2.6 million at the time, but that was 1968. Today, that same ring could fetch close to $20 million, not just because it adorned the finger of one of the most famous First Ladies.

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