Tips on How to Accessorize with Necklaces


Jewelry can be exactly what you need to complete an outfit. In particular, if you wearing a low-cut jumper or dress, a necklace can bring some interest and sparkle. But you have to be careful when you are accessorizing with necklaces. The shape, size and colour are all elements that matter, as well as the occasion itself. Here are some tips on how you can successfully accessorize with necklaces and create an unforgettable outfit.

Consider the Outfit

If you are going out, you probably have your outfit already chosen. So, before you accessorize with a necklace, you need to consider what you are wearing. After all, you want the necklace to complement your outfit and not be the wrong choice.

For example, if you are wearing bold colors already, you may wish to match the necklace with the same color of gemstones. This is going to look like the two belong together. Alternatively, you may wish to wear a long chain if you have a plain-colored outfit. For some inspiration, check out Queen of Hearts. This company has beautiful 22K gold necklaces with unique Indian designs. Follow the link for more offers and to see what this brand has in store. There is going to be something to match everyone’s outfit.

Think About the Material

Necklaces are available in a variety of materials, with the most popular being gold and silver. Indeed, it is going to be your personal choice whether you choose to wear gold or silver necklaces. But, there is one rule that people often talk about. It is that you should choose a material suitable for your skin tone.

Namely, if you have cool or pale skin, silver can suit you best. Alternatively, if you have a warm skin tone, gold is going to complement this. Of course, you can also introduce color by choosing necklaces with coloured stones. The most important thing is that you feel confident with what you are wearing and you like how it looks.

Understand the Shape

There are some necklaces you can purchase that are subtle yet stylish. For example, think about a chain or a small pendant necklace. Then, there are designs that are created to stand out and be focal pieces. You need to consider what shape you are looking for and whether you want the necklace to stand out or complement your outfit.

Note that if you are going to choose a bold design, you want the shape to complement the top or dress you are wearing. For example, if you have a low-cut dress, it might be nice to fill the space with a sparkling, attractive necklace. 

Know the Occasion

The occasion and where you are going will help you to accessorize with a necklace. For example, if you are going to a café with friends and having a casual day out, you may prefer to wear a subtle and modest necklace. Alternatively, you may be going to a special occasion, such as a party or wedding and want to make a statement. Indeed, this will call for a bigger and bolder necklace.

Think about what tone you want to set for the occasion. This can be a guide for your whole outfit and not just your jewelry. But do not forget to have fun with your accessories and love what you wear. You want to feel confident and sometimes, it can be nice to try something new.

Try Layering

If you are someone that likes to keep up with trends, you might be aware that people are layering their necklaces. In other words, they are wearing more than one chair and they are all at various heights. This creates a layered look that can be interesting and allow you to experiment. 

Just make sure that you know the lengths of each necklace if you want to try to layer them. After all, if they all fall at the same length, they will clash and you will not be able to see them all clearly.


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