Rose Water Benefits and How You Can Use it in Different Ways

rose water benefits

Rose water benefits are irreplaceable when it comes to skin and beauty treatment. You will get the mention of this ingredient in age-old books of beauty regimes and skincare secrets. You may have already read stories or watched movies in which the royal women used to batch in pools filled with rose petals. Simply, rose water is nothing but a cooling tonic which is made by infusing the petals of the flower in some water.

According to experts, there are anti-inflammatory properties in rose water that help in soothing down rashes or allergies. You can use it in several face packs to extract the best benefits out of them too. Suppose you are back home all tired after a long day of work, and your eyes are hurting. You can simply soak two cotton balls in rose water and put them on your eyes. You will get instant relief from stress and puffiness under the eyes. In this article, you will be able to learn more about rose water benefits and several uses of the same.

What exactly is rose water?

As mentioned earlier, pure rose water contains nothing but the flower petals. Some sources say that using distilled water works better if you are trying to use rose water for eyes or face packs. In proper factories, the rose petals and water are both distilled together. In this way, the essential oils from the flower get appropriately combined. Moreover, the fragrance of rose water is extraordinary and therefore used in room fresheners, soaps, perfumes, and more. You must also know that there is more than one way in which you can use roses to make rosewater. For example, you can use fresh or dry petals. Also, some companies make rosewater using rose powder and essential oils.

The versatility of rose water

As you may know that the use of rosewater has been widespread from ancient times already. Did you know that there are benefits of drinking rose water too? Well, yes! In earlier times, people used to blend tea and rose water to make a fantastic fragrant drink. It was considered one of the best beauty drinks of all time. Even now, rose water is used in several food items, mainly desserts.

It is a fantastic moisturizer for your skin that can give you a natural glow in very little time. Also, you can use rose essential oils or pure rose water to detoxify the skin and release stress from it. Therefore, use it as a toner or in your face packs for the best results. Moreover, there are other rose water benefits, as well. For example, it contains properties that can help reduce pigmentation, dark circles, and sunburns.

Rose water DIY at home

Since rose water plays a pivotal role in even the simplest of beauty regimes, it is better if you learn how to make it at home. It is because you can have it available all the time, in case the shops run out of supply. Also, why spend more money on something that you can easily create at home. Moreover, the brands that sell rose water usually contaminate it with various other ingredients. So, if you do the same at home, you can easily use the pure version of it. Next, please take a look at how you can make rose water at home with a sophisticated distillation process.

Things needed:

  • Rose petals (fresh)- 1 cup
  • Water- There should be enough water to cover the petals.


  • Add the rose petals in a wide-mouthed saucepan
  • Pour some water so that the petals are all covered well
  • Simmer the flame and keep boiling the liquid with the lid on
  • After some time, you will notice that the color of petals is fading away
  • Switch off the fire, but keep the top on
  • Let the mixture cool down, and then strain it well into a glass container
  • Keep the container in a cold and dark place, and do not expose it to heat

Uses of rose water

You can use pure rose water for both internal as well as topical purposes. Check out the following list to know more about the uses of rose water.

  • You can use rose water for face overnight for fresh and glowing skin in the morning. For this, you can dip a cotton ball in some rose water and then dab the same gently on your skin. You can now leave it like that and go off to bed. The next day when you wake up in the morning, just wash your face with normal cold water.
  • Rose water benefits your body a lot if you can use it for a body soak. So, add some prepared rose water to your warm bath water and enjoy it.
  • If you want to use rose water for acne, just mix it with your regular face pack to get some enhanced benefits.
  • There are several benefits of drinking rose water as well. So, you can blend it with shakes, tea, and desserts too.

Rose water benefits for skin and hair

If you want flawless and beautiful skin, read about the following rose water benefits. The list below will help you to understand the magical ways in which rose water can make your skin healthier. So, let’s start.

Fresh and clean skin

If you have a problem with oily skin and pimples, rose water can help you to overcome your challenges. Rose water benefits you in this case, by refreshing the face and opening up pores that get blocked due to too much oil and dirt. You can either use it directly on the face or mix it with your cleansing masks. However, the preferable way to derive rose water benefits for oily skin is by using it directly.

You can take a small bowl and fill it with some rose water. Now soak a few cotton balls in the water and keep it inside your refrigerator so that it remains cold. Now, when you come back home after being exposed to all the pollution throughout the day, rose water will do its work. First, you must wash your face with clean water and a foam-based face wash.

After that, take two cotton balls and keep it on your eyes to remove puffiness. Now, for the oily skin problem, cleans your face with a wet cotton ball every morning. Not just the fact that there will be no dirt and grime on the face, but it will smell amazing too.

A fantastic toner

As mentioned earlier, rose water benefits the skin in multiple ways. Out of all such benefits, a major one is a way you can use it as a permanent toner. You can tone your skin using rose water in several ways. For example,

  • Use rose water mixed with a little pinch of camphor as a simple toner twice a day. It will give you supple and glowing skin.
  • You can cleanse your face with cotton balls soaked in rose water overnight. It will bring you oil-free skin along with a beautiful pink glow.
  • Mixing mint with rose water and applying it to affected areas of your face can be highly beneficial. It will make sure that you are always free from skin issues. Moreover, if you are having a problem with so much pimple, the mint addition will cure them. The blister will easily fall off, and you will be able to get rid of the scars as well.
  • Make a face pack using rose water, honey, fuller’s earth, and lemon juice. Now, make a nice paste and apply it nicely on your face and neck. Let it rest for about 30-45 minutes and then rinse with cold water. You will find significant changes in the quality of your skin, including relief from pimples too.

Get blemish-free skin

Blemishes are relatively visible on your face, especially if you are exposed to too much sunlight and pollution. Well, the good news here is that chilled rose water works wonder when it comes to such problems. For such issues, you can combine rose water along with some curd, sandalwood, and cucumber juice to make a face pack.

Now, mix all the ingredients well apply it evenly on your face. You have to rest the pack on your face for at least 30-45 minutes, and then wash off with cold water. Use this face pack for at least twice a week for the best results.

Apart from just blemishes, the above-mentioned face pack will help you to get rid of acne marks, dark spots, and pigmentation too. Just remember that you should rely on rose water instead of plain water whenever you want to wash or cleanse your face.

Rosewater is a fantastic tan remover as well. You can roughly crush tomatoes and add some cold rose water to the same. Now gently rub the pulp on tanned areas. You will be able to see changes in just a few days.

A fantastic moisturizer

You can make a smooth face pack by blending some sandalwood powder and glycerin with rose water. Apply this on your face and let your skin absorb the solution for at least 30 minutes. It is a fantastic way to treat dry skin because the aging process will slow down. Moreover, using this face pack twice a week will help your skin to become free of radicals. Dabbing the same solution on pimple-covered areas will reduce the itching, pain, and irritation too.

There is an alternative way to utilize rose water in dealing with blemishes and dry skin. In this, you will have to mix a few basil leaves to rose water and freeze it. Now, take this concoction and rub it gently all over your face with it twice or thrice every day. You can soon see that there is a reduction in acne, dark spots, burns, pigmentation, and scars.

For luscious lips

All girls crave for pretty and luscious lips and rose water can help you get what you want. Take some beetroot juice and mix it with cold rose water. Dip a cotton ball in this mixture and rub it gently on your lips daily. You are now ready with a beautiful and soft red pout.

An alternative way to achieve luscious lips is by applying a rosewater concoction. You can mix rose water, bee wax, and some carrot paste and pour it in a small container. Now, freeze this and apply it like a lip balm. You will surely see your lips turn soft and luscious in less than a month of you follow this religiously.

Protection against harmful UV rays

Apart from skincare, you can get the most of rose water benefits for hair too. If your work demands you to stay out in the heat for a longer time, then you must be suffering from dull and lusterless hair. You can make any hair pack and mix some Vitamin-E oil along with rose water to the mixture. It will help in the rejuvenation of your hair and scalp in very little time.

If you are just using rose water mixed with Vitamin-E oil, you should leave it overnight. Wash your hair with some normal cold water the next morning. Follow this routine for at least thrice a week, and you will get assured benefits from the same. You must have heard of this hair solution from your mothers and grandmothers already. It is because using rose water for the hair has been a trending beauty secret from earlier times.

Rosewater gives you soft, hydrated, bouncy, and shiny hair. Moreover, too much heat to the scalp can lead to sweat. As a result, you may develop a severe dandruff problem also. Mix some rose water and glycerin to make an excellent solution. You can use the same as a final rinse for your hair. It means when you shampoo your hair and wash it. After that, you can wash your hair once with his solution to get rid of dandruff.

Final thoughts

From this article, you already know about several rose water benefits and how to utilize the ingredient. So, get started on some rose water to add it to your daily skincare routine.


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