Stylish footballers in the Premier League right now


It’s easy to feel strange when you try to define yourself as a stylish football player. At the opening of a Paris nightclub, there are 1,000 Neymars in chrome-plated suits for every Becks in a beautiful pullover. People will do anything for money, like waste the salary of their whole team on the same bad trainers.

But since we are taking a break from the Premier League to get ready for the World Cup, it seems like a good time to honour our best-dressed and most stylish football players.

Here is a list of Premier League players who know how to dress for success, from Son Heung-min, who was just named a Burberry ambassador, to Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who is debating what footballers should wear.


Burberry chose the South Korean and Tottenham Hotspur star as its newest ambassador because he is a two-foot-thumping, Arsenal-shredding monster with perfect hair and a billboard smile. Son is so popular in South Korea that TV stations show a special graphic before his games, even though he acts in a “calculated” way off the field. In his most recent ad campaign, models wear designer jeans, baggy white t-shirts, and black nylon outerwear that looks like gorp. And online casino australia real money leaves nothing to be desired. 


Egyptian King Mo Sallah has one of the best watch collections in football and knows how to dress the part with his magnificent corkscrew lid and abs that a geologist should look at to figure out what’s going on there. Whether it’s a nice suit for the Ballon d’Or (give him one, football!) or vintage Adidas t-shirts, (short) shorts, and a colourful headband for a certain GQ cover.

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The German midfielder has a strong mind and a good eye for the goal. His jet-black hair and beard give him the look of a matinée idol. Gundogan is a fan of the “let me put on a roll neck, how about that” school of thought, which was made famous by Pep Guardiola. to name one of the places we recommend for getting football gear.


The taste of Scotland Davies is Calvert-big-Robin pantssed’s to Everton’s Lewin’s Batman has a flowing moustache and perm makes a direct plug for someone who has a lot of great vintage anoraks, and even owns a #35mm film camera for appropriately grainy fit shots. Were those old photos of good enough quality? the ones where he and DCL wear Gucci and ride around New York City on Citibikes


The Arsenal player, who has become a mainstay in the world of Football Fashion Men in a short amount of time, has a bright future. The puddle boots from Bottega Veneta that were on the cover of GQ: Check! Even though the Aime Leon Dore commercial is depressing, many fans have said, “This is cool.” The sleek black and white suits by LV and Burberry are another examples of this shift toward more creative tailoring. Instead of praising him for how well he did on his GCSEs, people should praise how stylish his suits are. Even Saka has online slots real money as his favourite.

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