The best way to win Call of Duty Modern Warfare

way to win Call of Duty

With over 80 million players worldwide, Call of Duty has clearly set the stage for pro gamers. And if you are a diehard gamer, you must have come across the new addition in Call of Duty called Modern Warfare. Lets’s see about the best way to win call of Duty Modern warfare.

But before you jump into this new addition, you need to be aware of all the ins and outs of the game so that you can make it to the end. If you are serious and enthusiastic about your performance in the game, you can also check out modern warfare cheats for some added support. 

Moreover, this article is also going to help you ace your modern warfare games as we have come up with some of the best tips. If you want to know more, scroll through the article and do not miss a single point. 

Get familiar with guns and attachments 

It is no surprise that Modern Warfare features a lot of guns and attachments; hence, getting familiar with your preferred one is necessary. To do that, you can try out a few guns in the campaign before getting into the killing fields of multiplayer. 

Each of the missions will give you one of the predefined guns, but you can find new weapons throughout the map, in safe-houses, and also from the bodies of dead enemies. 

Playing on a team is wiser than playing alone

You definitely know that teamwork gets much better results than playing solo. Of course, this goes without saying that with a team, you will have a better strategy, manpower, and backup support. 

However, make sure to pick your teammates wisely, especially the ones who are pros in Modern Warfare. Otherwise, it will get harder instead of getting easier during crucial hours. 

Be alert while moving 

Players are in very vulnerable states in Modern Warfare, and you can die at any moment. Therefore, you’ll have to be extremely cautious while passing through the firing lines and resist the temptation of sprinting out in the open. 

Don’t forget to take cover whenever you find anything near you whenever you are firing. Also, staying out too long without cover might eventually lead to your death in the game. You definitely don’t want that, do you?

Campaign experience is vital 

Your campaign is going to help you a lot to play the multiplayer mode. The campaign teaches you crucial experiences like using cover, moving cautiously, how to work with your squadmates, how to clear rooms, etc. 

The campaign does not place you against giant armies or large groups of enemies; it is a smaller and more intimate affair. Yet, it will teach you what you need to expect from your enemies and how you should perform in the real battleground. 

Be wise with doors

Use the doors to your advantage when you are around enemies. Kick open the door when you are sprinting; the loud noise gives a surprise element to your opponents. Additionally, aim down slowly while opening a door; it will give a slight peek inside the door. 

However, you always have the option to shoot directly through the door if your foes are less careful. 

Camping is necessary 

Modern Warfare’s single-player and multiplayer maps are designed as more intimate affairs than other Call of Duty games. It implies that camping is extremely crucial and has a legitimate strategy. 

You can use the right stick when you are near the cover to mount your weapon. Camping experience increases the stability, also gives a solid center to hold positions and suppress your enemies. 

Check out alternate paths

You need to keep a close eye out for alternate paths in Modern Warfare. It is a key tactic in COD, especially in Modern Warfare, to use the environment to your advantage. Knowing alternate paths will help you get cover during firing as well as to use them as new firing positions. 

Don’t risk your health 

Safeguarding the health of your teammates is very important in Modern Warfare. This gunfight does not end with both team players dying. If the remaining players can outlive the timer, they will get the chance to capture a flag mid-map. 

If none of the remaining players are able to capture the mid map flag, the team with the most health wins. Therefore, make sure that your team has better health, which can be ensured by hitting others and not getting hit. 


Here are some of the amazing tips that will help you win the fascinating game of Modern Warfare. Make sure to utilize them when you are playing next. For any queries, the comment section is always open. 



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