Top 10 Summer Cleaning Tips & Tricks for 2020

Top 10 Summer Cleaning Tips & Tricks for 2020

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year and it is without a doubt the most awaited season. Because all the rain and show will leave a toll on your home not only on the outside, that is why in summer you need to have a new routine. Here are top 10 tips and tricks for Cleaning in Summer 2020

Dust More Often

Because summers are usually dry, there will be more dust. And on top of that, it is hard to resist opening your windows and curtains, which not only lets in the dust but the light will make it more visible. Therefore you will have to dust every day if you don’t want it showing as well as keeping your air clean. Keeping your home dust free will not only make it look nice and clean, it will help you and your family breathe better. Dust can cause a lot of respiratory as well as cardiovascular problems. Even if you don’t thing that you have a lot of dust, an average household accumulates over 40 lbs. per year. So make sure you stay on top of your dusting. You can also learn some tricks for Cleaning dust.

Stay On Top of the Washing

Because in most places it is very warm during summertime, you will be sweating, therefore you will be changing your clothes more often. Instead of letting your dirty clothes pile up, try to do your laundry as soon as there is enough of it to fill the washing machine. If you keep piling up your dirty laundry sometimes, you won’t be able to get rid of the bad smell because it was no washed for so long. You can also learn some tricks for Cleaning dirty laundry.

Keep the Odours Away

Your trash will always smell, but it will be much worse in the summer. That is because summer has perfect conditions for skinning up your house with trash. To prevent that from happening sprinkle, some baking soda on the bottom of all your trash cans. Baking soda will absorb the bad smells. Another little hack that will help any household fight bad odours is feeding your garbage disposal lemons. All you will need is a lemon and you are good to go. Slice up your lemon into small pieces and put them in one by one in a running disposal. Afterwards you can pour some lemon juice, just to make sure.

Look Out For Any Mould

Mould will grow very fast during the summertime because there are so much heat and humidity. You will have to keep an eye on places like the cabinet under the sink as well as under the kitchen sink. Make sure that humidity levels in those areas are reduced. But if you do find mould in your home it is best to leave it to professionals to handle it.

Clean the Microwave

Along with the trash, your microwave can cause your home to smell bad during the summertime. To stop that from happening, slice a lemon in half and put them into a bowl of water and put them in for a couple of minutes. The zestiness from the lemon will strip off the bad smells from the previous foods.

Clean the Messes As They Happen

No matter what time of the year it is, you should clean the mess rights as it happens. But when you make a mess in the summer and don’t clean it up right away, it can get stinky and mouldy. If you spill something, it will dry much quicker than it normally would because it is super-hot. You can also learn some tricks for kitchen exhaust Cleaning it.

Deep Clean Your Home

There is no better time to deep clean your home than in the summertime. It is important that you deep clean your home at least two times a year. Take a couple of days that you will dedicate to scrubbing down every single nook and cranny in your home. Sometimes it is easier to hire professional cleaners and it is especially helpful if you are end of lease cleaning.


Logically, nobody likes and wants to have a messy home, especially when it is boiling hot outside. Because you will want to hide in your nice shaded home it is important that you make use out of that time and declutter.

Once you have deep cleaned your home, it is the best time to declutter. Get rid of all the clothes that you don’t wear or that don’t fit anymore. But don’t stop there, make sure that you go through all the toys, appliances and decor that you don’t use anymore. There is nothing better than hosting a summer garage sale.

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Use Essential Oils

There is nothing more pleasing than walking into your chilly home that smells amazing and fresh. Instead of spraying your home with strong air freshener use essential oils. There are a lot more benefits from diffusing essential oils, not just its amazing scent.

Flip and Clean Your Mattress

Once in the winter and once in the summer, you should remove everything from your bed and vacuum it both on top and bottom. After you have flipped the mattress leaving it on the new side. That way, you will reduce the risk of having dust mites.

Remove Water Rings from Your Tables

When summer comes around there will be sun all the time. That isn’t such a bag thing until it shines over your wooden tables and you see all the water rings you have accumulated during the winter time. Instead of going around and pointing fingers in those who didn’t use a coaster there is a way you can clean them. Choose something cotton with what you will want to clean it and get your iron. Make sure that you pour all the water out of the iron and let it heat up. Once it has heated up, you will want to run it over the cotton fabric that is laid over the water ring. You will want to do it multiple times for a few seconds until the water ring is gone and your wooden table is nice and clean.

It is hard to enjoy the summer when you know your home is not as clean as it can be. By following these steps your home will always be clean and you will get to enjoy your summer.



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