Wedding Proposal Ideas That Will Take Your Partner’s Breath Away

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Every year more than 4 million people in America get married, and each one of those weddings starts with one very important proposal. Asking someone to marry you is a very special moment in a couple’s relationship, it is a promise of lifelong commitment. When you make that promise, it shows that you are not only in love, but you are also putting your heart on the line. Whether you get down on one knee somewhere quiet, or shout your intentions from the top of a mountain, a proposal that will take your partner’s breath away will be remembered forever. Wedding Proposal Ideas- 

 Plan an outdoor picnic- Wedding Proposal Ideas

 A wedding isn’t just the union of a couple, it is often the joining of family and friends. Sharing one of the most important moments of your life can be a wonderful reason to celebrate all together. Just don’t forget the all-important ring. 30% of engagement rings purchased are solitaires, usually a diamond. The diamond solitaire is a timeless classic that represents the concept of strength and the promise of love. At a beautiful outdoor picnic you can set the scene for a proposal that is personal and special. Ask everyone to bring a tasty dish to eat, and you can enjoy a heartwarming meal together. Although the picnic may not be a surprise to your loved one, the reason for the celebration will be a wonderful revelation. 

 Proposing at home

 If you would like to do something intimate and special at home, you can still make it unique and personal. Surprise your partner with a delicious meal made by a private chef, or order a restaurant meal kit from your favorite place and cook something that you will both love. A lovely idea is to present your partner with a customized book that is a story of the journey that you have made together. You could include photographs of vacations that you have been on, or pictures of special times in your life. You might want to include poems in your book, or meaningful quotes. At the back of your memory book, you could even place an engagement ring, with those all-important words, “Will you marry me?” 

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 Head to the planetarium

 A visit to the planetarium is not only incredibly beautiful, but also a reminder of how incredibly small we are in comparison to the vastness of the universe. Without the “Goldilocks Principle,” the human race may not exist at all. This is why it is important to make the most of every moment that we have – even more reason to say “yes” when your loved one asks you to spend the rest of their life with them. If your local planetarium has a stargazing show, you could ask them in advance if they could project your proposal question into the night sky above you.

 Asking that special person to marry you is something that you will both remember for the rest of your lives. Make it a personal and unique moment that will really take their breath away. 



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