What Secret Tools Can Be Useful For Academic Writing

Tools for Academic Writing

One of the most dreaded tasks for college students is academic writing. It requires intense research work, hours of writing and editing and in some cases, class presentations.  While college is supposed to be fun, things get tough when it comes to such individual tasks. Luckily, the internet has made things easier with many platforms offering assignment help online.

 If you always struggle with academic writing tasks, this guide offers some secret tools to help you with your papers. These tools for academic writing will help in different aspects of academic writing including research, organizing ideas, editing and proofreading, among other areas. 

  1. ReadCube

One of the hardest things about academic papers is extensive reading required.  When reading different resources to get useful materials, you need to keep track of all these, and it is not easy. ReadCube makes it easier to organize all your reading materials in one place. This makes it easier to refer to resources you had read earlier and it also eases the citations and bibliography making. 

  1. Dragon Naturally Speaking

How would you like to translate your flowing thoughts into text? This is exactly what the Dragon Naturally Speaking software does and it will come in handy for your academic paper writing. The speech recognition software allows dictation of texts, web searches and much more all using voice commands. 

It is an essential tool if you want to work faster and smarter. You can now create organized texts after reading different materials from multiple sources. When commuting, you can still continue building your academic essay by dictating your thoughts through the Dragon app.

  1. Citavi

The internet has made life easier for students as it is easy to browse and find all content required for essay writing. However, it is still difficult to compile content found online into a meaningful paper. This is what Citavi’s application helps you do. 

It is a tool that helps you surf the web and save useful materials in PDF format for your academic paper. On this app, you can Highlight important passages, Write summaries and comments with the app adding citations automatically, outline your paper, and easily track your research ideas. 

  1. Copyscape

Plagiarism is a big problem when working on an academic paper. A recent survey shows plagiarism is rife in academia though not widely acknowledged. Before you submit your work, you need to check for authenticity by using editing software such as Copyscape. This software compares the work you have written with other online content to prevent plagiarism. 

  1. Grammarly

Editing and proofreading are necessary for a great academic paper. If you want to prepare an A grade paper, you have to eliminate all grammatical and spelling errors. Grammarly is a powerful tool to help you do this. The software checks your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes and also gives style suggestions to make your paper read better.    

Wrapping Up

If you always have a hard time researching and compiling your academic essays, these tools will come handy.  They will make it easier to find the necessary research material, organize your thoughts and refine your paper through editing and proofreading. 


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