Why Are More and More Women in the United States Turning to Guns for Protection?

Guns for Protection

With around 4.5 million women reporting to be threatened with a gun, there should be no wonder why more and more women are turning to guns for their protection. America is far from being counted a safe place to live, especially for women, when 52% of women are shot at (deadly many times) on an average month. 

Yes, there are many weapons one can use for protection, but an average woman stands no chance with a pepper spray, knife, or baseball bat in front of a gun. Even more, those weapons don’t assure their safety in front of a stronger man, leave alone a group of men.

According to the latest reports of the essay writer reviews, women are basically defenseless in front of danger, and there are many threats around the corner in a society in which law is sided with the rapists. For that reason, more and more women are starting to do something for their safety if the law doesn’t. 

It’s not normal to not be able to take a walk at night without being afraid of what’s around the corner. It’s not normal to not be able to dance and drink in a club without being afraid that someone will pour something in your drink. 

Therefore, in order for a woman in the US to fulfill their basic survival need to feel safe, they chose to turn to guns for protection. If the above reasons why they’re doing so aren’t enough, below you have all the information you need.

To Feel Powerful in Front of Danger

The violence in the US, and especially violence against women are at very high rates. Women in America are in danger of being raped, kidnaped, abused, and threatened with a gun every day. There is so much violence expressed on females, and most often produced by men, especially their intimates, that women are feeling defenseless in front of danger. 

Many women used to carry pepper sprays, little knives, and all sorts of weapons, but even so, according to statistics, that protection isn’t efficient. For that reason, women started to take action, so they no longer feel defenseless.

If you think about it, what chance does a woman stand with pepper spray in front of a criminal? If she is in good shape, smart, and lucky enough, she might stand a chance, but even so, a criminal is a pro, and he usually goes for the vulnerable prey. 

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For that reason, women are basically defenseless in front of danger. But it all changes if they use a gun for their protection. With a gun, a woman has almost equal power with the criminal, and he has the power to scare him away if she doesn’t show fear and shoots close to the criminal to scare him away. With a gun, women can finally feel powerful in front of danger.

To Not Feel Afraid Anymore

Most men in the US don’t know what living in fear really means, but you can surely find out by asking a woman. Most women are afraid to walk alone at night regardless of the place and circumstances.

We need to ask ourselves, is this normal? Is it normal for a woman to feel afraid to walk alone in her neighborhood? Is this civilization? Just because a man can steal the purse of a woman, rape her, kidnap her, and abuse her is he entitled to do so? I think not.

But the reality is cruel, and women who are aware of the danger and the reality of this world, live in fear because she knows she is an easy target. For that reason, women started to take action and use guns for protection. Basically, society forced them to turn to violence, so they won’t feel afraid anymore.

It’s a Skill that Lowers Vulnerability

Why are women turning to guns? Well, let’s make a simple comparison. Most women used to carry pepper sprays for their protection because it’s easy to use, and it’s not a deadly weapon. 

But a pepper spray doesn’t offer too much confidence. Women are still feeling vulnerable when they use pepper sprays in front of a man with a gun in his hand. On the other hand, if a woman carries a gun and not pepper spray, things change.

To carry a gun is not enough; you need to know how to use it; you need to gain some skills. For that reason, many women are training and are searching for techniques to improve their chances in the face of danger. 

Therefore, using a gun is a skill; if mastered, it decreases the feeling a woman feels in front of danger because she knows what she has to do.

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To Feel More Confident

Owning a gun and being skilled in using a gun can only bring confidence along the way. Think about it. There’s nothing scary about a woman with pepper spray in her purse. But when she threatens a man with a gun, things change.

If you play the cards right, you have the power or, at least, you have equal chances as the criminal, especially if you know how to use the gun and the right words to make him lose his confidence. On the other hand, a gun gives you the feeling of safety compared to its absence.

Just knowing that you stand the same chances as the criminal boosts your confidence, which is the greatest tool a woman can have in front of danger. Therefore, because pepper sprays and other weapons besides guns don’t offer confidence based on the equality of chance, women turn to guns.

To Be Taken Serious- Guns for Protection

Let’s put it like this: you are the criminal, and in front of you is a scared woman with a pepper spray in her hand. Will you feel threatened by that woman? Will you take her threats seriously? No, you won’t. You will probably laugh in her face and move to action.

Women started to realize that if they don’t have a proper weapon, they will never be taken seriously or looked at as a serious threat. For that reason, the woman turned to guns so they can represent a real threat, so they can genuinely protect themselves if necessary.

You can’t go to a gun war with other weapons, and women learned that lesson in a hard way. Sometimes, no matter how much you wish not to cause harm, you have to if you want to keep your life. 


It is a human right to feel safe, courageous, and confident when you take a walk in the park. Just because women aren’t the more vigorous sex, it doesn’t mean that men can take advantage of that. It means that men should protect them.

It’s extremely sad to live in a society in which men are putting women to protect themselves and use Guns for Protection. Women are supposed to be caring, nurturing, and supportive beings for their rightful man who protects them.

There should be boundaries that no man should cross in front of a woman because, at the end of the day, a world without the feminine sex is not one worth living in; it is just a world in extinction.


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