Why do some people love Christmas so much?

people love Christmas much

Christmas is often one of the most memorable holidays of the year. You find that some people adore the occasion – they start their plans around September and think way ahead. But then, for some, it’s just another holiday – a chance to get a break from work and relax a little. What explains this difference though? Why do some people love Christmas so much?


There are many traditions surrounding Christmas, and they make up a lot of the fun. Usually, it’s considered a time for families to come together – indeed, for some families it was about the only time they’d come together. Spending this time together usually results in many happy moments: a hearty meal at lunch; going for a long, bracing walk; playing board games or charades; and even watching a Christmas film together.

Childhood memories

Plenty of people love Christmas because it invokes childhood nostalgia. People remember the presents and enjoying quality time with their family. On top of this, there were the days of school and the party atmosphere as well! When you have such strong, happy memories, you tend to try and spread these to your children too – keeping the cycle going.  

It was a time to dream.

A big guy who lives in the north pole and brings presents to everyone, flying reindeers and magical elves sound pretty amazing. Those who have children today also enjoy keeping the dream-like atmosphere alive. This atmosphere is achieved with little traditions. Often families will leave a carrot and a mince pie under the chimney for Santa. Alongside this, families will often enjoy advent calendars that count down the 24 days before Christmas with a sweet treat every day!

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Christmas always allows you to enjoy foods that aren’t really consumed all year round. There are sweet delicacies such as mince pies and Christmas pudding, but even the lunch is exciting and different. Brussel sprouts suddenly come into favour to make home-cooked meal even more special. 


Christmas also sees the house become much more special. Suddenly, decorations will be everywhere. Obviously, there’s the Christmas tree that will dominate the lounge – especially with presents underneath! – but there are other decorations too. With tinsel and nativity displays around the house, suddenly your home looks even more cheerful. Town centres are often kitted out with Christmas lights everywhere too; a drive in the evening suddenly becomes awash with colour and excitement!

People love Christmas for many reasons. From the traditions and family time to the food and decorations, it’s a time to indulge in special delights with loved ones. And it’s all this combined that makes it one of the most memorable holidays.

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