Common Misconceptions About Antique Jewellery

Misconceptions About Antique Jewellery

You often find that when people inherit antique jewellery or find it hidden away, they have common misconceptions about it. If you have come into some antique jewellery and are interested in finding out its value to sell it potentially, do not assume that as it is antique, it will be worth lots of money, as this is not always the case. If you have recently inherited some jewellery or found some stashed away in your attic, below are some common misconceptions to avoid when it comes to antique jewellery. In this blog, you will know about Common Misconceptions About Antique Jewellery.

Vintage Is Not Antique

Just because something is old does not make it an antique, and as a rule of thumb, something must be 100 years old to be classed as an antique. If something is vintage, that does not make it antique, although it can still be valuable. It can be confusing when you look at the antique world, especially if you do not deal with it often, so it is usually best to get expert advice from companies about your antique jewellery and its value.

Antiques Are Not Always Valuable

Another common misconception that people have is that antique jewellery will be valuable, which is not always true. The value of antique jewellery will depend on many factors, including:

  • the materials used to make the jewellery
  • the quality of gemstones in the jewellery
  • the Provenance, story behind the jewellery
  • the popularity of the style of jewellery

You have to go to have your pieces checked by experts or, if you’re a collector, always go for reputable Sydney antique jewellers or an antique specialist in your area. They will be able to explain to you that the higher the demand for a style of jewellery, the more it will be worth usually, but if something is old and nobody wants it, your jewellery may not be valuable at all. You may find that if there is no resale value for your jewellery and you try and sell it, you may only get the scrap value of the precious metals and gemstones in the jewellery.

Antique Jewellery Is Lower Quality Than Modern Jewellery

Many people also assume that as something is an antique and was made over 100 years ago, that the quality of it will be low. However, you will need to keep in mind that all the jewellery made more than 100 years ago was handmade by skilled artisans. In contrast, modern jewellery is often mass-produced in machines and factories in Asia. Antique jewellery is often much better made than mass-produced jewellery, and the higher quality means it is also worth more than jewellery made automatically by a machine.

Antique Jewellery Is For Old People

Antique Jewellery Is For Old People

Many people that inherit antique jewellery consider it as something old people wear, which is not the case at all. You can wear beautiful antique jewellery whatever your age, and if it is worn tastefully, it can help to set off your outfit and be the perfect accessory. Many people love antique and vintage jewellery as it is so different compared to modern jewellery, so it helps them stand out from the crowd. 

These are some of the common myths regarding antique jewellery, but there are more besides. Whether you are looking to keep or sell your jewellery, have it appraised so you know its worth and ensure it is adequately insured. You never know, you may want to start collecting antique jewellery and build yourself up a collection of it.


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