The Basics of Surviving a Gunfight

a Gunfight

I used to think that once I owned a gun I wouldn’t have to worry about protection anymore. That’s exactly what I thought in the first several months of owning a firearm. Then a friend of mine got attacked and I was horrified to hear about his experience. He suffered two gunshot wounds despite the fact that he had a gun in his hand when he was attacked. Thankfully, he didn’t sustain any serious trauma. Nevertheless, his experience made me realize just how vulnerable I am, and that I wasn’t prepared for any type of real altercation in a Gunfight.

That’s when I decided that it was time to learn more about how I can protect myself in the real world. I started doing a lot of reading and even took some self-defense classes so that I would know what to do if I was attacked when I didn’t have my gun close by. I think that it’s important for all women to know how to survive a gunfight, which is why I decided to write this guide. Here’s what you have to keep in mind in order to make it out of a gunfight alive.

Keep Moving

The college degree matters because in the latest college reports stated that one of the most important things you can do in a gunfight is to be on the move as much as possible. You’ll be much easier to get hit if you’re a static target. Of course, it goes without saying that it will be much harder for you to shoot while you’re on the move. But that’s why you need to work on your skills. After you perfect your shooting skills while standing still, it’s time to start doing it on the move.

When you manage to learn how to shoot while you’re moving, you’ll separate yourself from most people who own a firearm. If you move a lot during a gunfight, you will force the aggressors to adjust to you. In other words, they’ll have to take a defensive stance, which will immediately improve your chances of surviving the gunfight.

Know that it’s unrealistic to expect you can decide what to do while you’re on the move. That’s why you should plan everything before you decide to change your position. Determine exactly where your next location will be and whether you have the opportunity to take a shot once you reach it.

Be Aggressive

When you realize that you’re about to suffer a potentially deadly criminal attack, it’s time to set your personality aside and let your survival instincts take control of your actions. The moment I started to carry my gun, it was like I became a different person. It’s not that my personality changed, it’s just that I became more aware of my surroundings at all times.

Although I felt that I was prepared to handle a gunfight as soon as I got my first firearm, I soon found out that I was nowhere near that point of confidence. Only through proper training can you learn how to use your adrenaline to become aggressive, which is extremely important when you’re faced with an aggressor wielding a firearm.

What you have to be aware of the moment you get into a gunfight is that if you don’t respond accordingly, you can lose your life. Every second in a gunfight counts, which is why you need to be both aggressive and quick. Your enemy will most likely not expect this from you, and may start to panic and lose focus if you’re constantly on the offensive.

Shoot Accurately

You need to have a lot of confidence if you want to make it out of a gunfight alive. The only way to gain that confidence is to learn how to shoot accurately. I believe that the best environment for learning how to use firearms is a woman-only class. In women’s classes, you will learn the same skills as men. But you’ll do it in an environment that won’t create any pressure. Instead, it will allow you to relax and enhance your learning capabilities.

When you decide to start taking shooting classes, it’s very important to be aware of your experience. Don’t go to an advanced class if you’re still a beginner. If you choose to go to attend an advanced class straight away, it won’t be a positive learning experience for you.Make sure to have the right ammo for your practice, for example, a good way to get more experience is to use 16 gauge shot cells.

Attending a woman-only class will help you learn more about what your best options are both for guns and holsters. It goes without saying that your instructor should be a woman as well. Improving your accuracy efficiently is possible only if you have a great learning environment, which is why you should always opt for classes that you’ll feel comfortable attending.

I also can’t stress enough just how important it is to constantly keep training. Remember that handgun skills are perishable, which is why you must go to shooting practice regularly and track your progress. If you take a long break from shooting, your accuracy will go down significantly.

Be Fit

Although how you move and shoot are extremely important for surviving a gunfight, you will need to be fit if you want to do this effectively. Regular exercise will allow you to quickly get from one location to the next. It will also enable you to have a steady aim even after running incredibly fast. Finally, being fit means that you’ll be able to handle a high-stress environment without losing focus or your confidence.

Apart from playing a huge part in helping you survive a gunfight, regular exercise is also important for your overall health. If you’re looking to boost your fitness levels, I suggest that you begin with jogging and eventually move onto high-intensity interval training.

Be Decisive

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. If there’s ever a time to be extremely decisive, it’s during a gunfight. Hesitation will get you killed is a popular phrase that is very true in a gunfight. If you decide you’re going to do something, there’s no turning back. In case you notice that you’re in a position to shoot, don’t think twice about doing it. Remember that if you don’t, your enemy will. And that means that you’ll end up fatally shot. 

If you want to learn how to be more decisive during a gunfight, you’ll need to do exercises that will help calm your mind. Exercises like yoga are essential for learning how to keep a clear head even when you’re in a high-stress environment.

Fight to Win

The best piece of advice I can give to any woman is to avoid gunfights at all costs. You have nothing to gain from a gunfight and potentially everything to lose. Despite your biggest efforts to avoid an altercation, you sometimes can’t prevent a gunfight. If you find yourself in a situation where you absolutely have to fight to protect your life, then you must fight to win. As soon as you reach that mindset that you understand that it’s either you or your enemy, you’ll have a higher chance of getting out of the gunfight alive.


Once you master all of these skills, you will be better prepared to handle a gunfight in the real world. However, remember that luck always plays an important part in what happens during any type of altercation.


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