These Spring 2022 Jewelry Trends Scream “Go Big or Go Home.” [Allylikes Review]

Spring 2022 Jewelry

As long as the pandemic was going on, minimalist jewelry has been the best thing to wear. For a long time, the only thing that mattered in fashion was looking good above the keyboard, which meant that simple, barely-there charms were perfect. Designers are coming up with new styles to break up our new standard of yo-yoing back and forth between work and home life. An answer is a new group of jewelry trends for Spring 2022, all about going big or going home.

As for what’s next, chunky chokers are taking over threadbare necklaces, and huge ones are replacing low-key chain motifs. Bursts of color that were once only found in birthstones are now found on Ring Pop-sized baubles. With bicep bracelets and chrome metals, of course, Y2K nostalgia is still a big part of it all, as well. Take a look at the rest.

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Is Jewelry Important To What You Wear?

Generally, jewelry is seen as a fashion accessory that may complement any outfit. Without the appropriate accessories, the majority of us feel naked. Thus, the answer to this question is dependent on how the term ‘important’ is defined.

Elegant accessories can transform an outfit into something very spectacular. Occasionally, it may be a hint of brilliance or sparkle. Depending on the style, you may want to add some color or enhance the overall appearance. The jewelry worn determines the degree to which an ornament enhances your appearance.

In the past, jewelry appeared to be a much more significant part of what one wears than it is now. Traditionally, ladies wore tiaras on their wedding day, and only married women continued to do so.

The context varies according to the individual and the culture. However, times have changed, and any female can now wear a tiara wherever or anytime. As a result of this reasoning, we can deduce that symbolism is not as closely associated with jewelry objects as it once was. Hence, it may be significant for specific reasons and different levels.

2022 Jewelry Trends

Chain-Link Everything

Designers are getting creative with the chain-link necklace from the ’90s by making it bigger and bigger. JW Anderson’s chunky chain loafers were the first to start this trend. For Spring 2022, designers are adding chain links to shoes, belts, and even ready-to-wear, which shows that the jewelry trend isn’t going away. It’s just getting more significant. (Pun intended.)

Chunky Chokers

Sure, layered necklaces are great, but the runways are making a case for neckwear that is more powerful. There will be a lot of chunky chokers with shiny golds, round pearls, and many crystals this season. They come in various styles, like Richard Quinn’s tubular dresses, or they can cover the whole decolletage, like Balmain’s choker, which looks like the links on a watch band. This necklace goes well with a tube top, one of the top Spring 2022 fashion trends this season.

Candy-Colored Baubles

Sometimes, the runway comes up with new trends. They start in other parts of the world, and the runway follows them. We saw this happen with nameplate necklaces and grunge style in the past. Now, the same thing is happening with bright jewelry. The sweet-as-candy trend was first seen on TikTok in flowery acrylic rings and enamel accents. It makes sense for spring and summer because it’s so sweet and pretty. European heritage brands like Chanel and Dior have now joined the trend. Chanel made colorful, stackable bangles, and Dior made block-shaped rings in pink and blue. Use them to make a simple outfit more fun, or go all out with a sequin dress.

Bicep Bracelets

What do you remember about Nicole Richie and Aaliyah’s wrist bracelets? With a vengeance, they’re back! Not only did Blumarine bring back the jewelry trend for Spring 2022, but so did Tory Burch, Etro, and Fendi. Some brands, like Alberta Ferretti, used design ideas from ancient Rome when soldiers wore armlets made of gold. It wasn’t just Mossi who kept it modern with its jet-black, padded bands.

Chrome Fever

Last summer, silver jewelry made a big comeback, following the rise of chrome in the home decor space. Two seasons later, Ferragamo made Gancini-logo bracelets in the metal. Alexander McQueen used silver on its earrings and chokers that didn’t match. When it comes to the shapes, we’re seeing curvy baubles are at the top of the list, again taking their cues from the design world’s desire for tubular chrome pieces. A chair from the Bauhaus era comes to mind. 


Jewelry is a very important part of fashion. You can add it to make your style more dominant. This 2022, designers wanted to make it a big deal and a big thing. If you are in for a challenge, you can try these jewelry trends and make your style bigger than ever.


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