#38 Travel-In-Style Essentials


ON THE GO We are getting closer and closer to Holiday season, which for me this year will mean in one word: travel. I am planning to go on some short trips, probably around Europe visiting places I've never seen and those places where I always want to go back as well (Paris, for example!). I am really hoping I will have some time for that! One of my travel essentials surely are Mrazor razors, that I receive home every 6 months like other subscribers that chose the brand for their quality/price ratio. To get started you will receive your Mrazor travel kit for only 27 euros, you will be then able to choose when to receive your new blades (every 3-6-9 months or one year). It sounds interesting, doesn't it? Lately I have been also considering investing in good quality, lasting luggage, just like this Burberry leather trolley, which I already see coming with me around the world. I am also considering to buy a new pair of black All Stars, which may remind me of my high school years, but that are still so in fashion I wouldn't mind styling them to my favorite pair of jeans while I am on the go. What do you guys think? Which are your travel essentials?

Hat + Patterned Bomber Jacket


Custo Barcelona bomber jacket | Asos fedora hat | Manila Grace denim shirt (similar HERE) | Zara bag (similar HERE or HERE)

THOUGHTS AT SUNSET Two shots stolen in the middle of a crazily busy week, among collaborations, events and the beginning of a new project for the blog you'll hopefully see online before Christmas (keep following me also via Facebook and Instagram cause I'll reveal more day after day!). It is one of those periods where I have a lot of ideas, a lot of energies, yet not much time as usual. So I started writing down lists, to-do lists and lists of the beautiful things in my life I want to remember of. I also like to think that after a lot of work and efforts I'll see that light at the end of the tunnel. The best is yet to come, always! Have a great week guys!

A day with Pellizzari


All three outfits by Pellizzari | Look 1: Pellizzari cape, Armani boots, Marella bag | Look 2: Marella total look | Look 3: Max Mara top, Only skirt

3 LOOKS A day with Pellizzari in their store near Milan, in order to create three looks according to my style and taste. A day where choosing what to wear was not easy, because Pellizzari proposes some of my favorite brands, just like Max Mara, Armani, Marella, Guess for example. I chose three looks: a fall inspired look where I pulled off one of this season's trend, the cape; a simple chic look with a grey tweed dress and last but not least a super girly total black look, that I created spending only 250 euros. What do you guys think? Which is your favorite look? Thank you Pellizzari for the wonderful afternoon!