MFW Day 2: Wearing Cristiano Burani


irene buffa street style milano mfw
cristiano burani vestito blu autunno inverno
irene buffa street style milano fashion week mfw

milano fashion week day 2 ss15 streetstyle irene buffa veronica giomini
 Cristiano Burani dress (similar HERE or HERE) | Romwe maxi denim shirt (similar HERE or HERE) | Chick-Lit designs clutch | Zara heels (same available HERE)

AS IT COMES I spent my second day of this Milan Fashion Week with fever, focusing only on those shows I really wanted to attend. The morning started with Cristiano Burani, where I wore one of his dresses from the fw collection (the one you see in photo, although at a point for the cold I had to improvise a coat..And loved the result!) to celebrate the success of an italian brand I love and often wear with pleasure. In the afternoon I then attended the Just Cavalli and Costume National show. I spent the day with my friend and blogger Veronica, which is always looking so stunning. She loves bags, I love shoes. She always has perfect hair, mine are always a disaster. She loves prints and colors just as much as I do and I'd steal every single garment from her closet. I still have so many outfits to show you and since luckily I am feeling a bit better now, I hope that from tomorrow I will be able to show you two looks per day!

MFW Day 1: The Flirty Dress


milano fashion week day 1 september 2014 street style irene buffa outfit
milano fashion week day 1 september 2014 street style irene buffa outfit
milano fashion week day 1 september 2014 street style irene buffa outfit
milano fashion week day 1 street style irene buffa outfit

#OMWFASHIONWEEK My first day of Milan Fashion Week starts like this: getting awake super early to shoot these photos and taking medicines to not feel the fever (yes, this year as well I managed to get sick!). My first day of this MFW here live on the blog for you, with some natural snapshots Robbie captured of me, because the most beautiful thing about Fashion Week, other than discovering the new collections, is looking at those streetstyle natural shots photographers share... Because behind the look there is always a person, with her ideas, her style, her thoughts and it is so fascinating to look into someone's personality through their most spontaneous shots. Today you will find me at: Byblos, Stella Jean and Gucci. I can't wait to share more with you guys. You can follow me directly on Instagram with the hashtag #OMWfashionweek!

Summer Looks


#OMWSUMMER I spent the 15th of September like THIS last year: with three weeks of vacations left on the other side of the world, where maybe I even feel better. This summer though has been a little weird for everyone, starting from the strange cold weather we had here in Italy, which maybe wasn't that bad for those that like me stayed in the city. It was a summer spent in Milan, it started in july on a rainy day with me moving to my new apartment, it ended today in a sunny morning with that cachemere-sweater kind of fresh breeze and the Ikea guy coming to assemble the last closet. That little bit of vacations I had was in the mountains, which actually were never my thing until this year, being the kind of person that could spend her existance by the seaside. Though, this year I've learnt to appreciate different things, I learnt that different doesn't always mean "worse". It was a summer full of emotions and now we are ready to start this new season. Milan, Paris, I am coming, new collections are awaiting for me. How did your summer go?